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"It all starts with a P-L-A-N"
  • But of course! All you ever needed was a plan - a plan of action, some goals set and everything is good again in your world.
  • Yes, all that was missing in your life was you just weren't organised enough. (Isn't it great when the answer lies outside of us, in just creating some scrap of paper with some half-baked goals written down!...)

Seriously, I reckon this is the least useful of ALL the new year resolutions out there simply because 'getting organised' is an activity that a) is difficult to measure and b) achieves nothing in and of itself.

So I KNOW, deep down in my gut, that you will NOT get organised this new year, but if you do all that will change is that you have a scruffy (or tidy) piece of paper telling you and the rest of the world just how organised you are (bravo!).

Do you think I'm being harsh here? Well prove me wrong, dear reader of resolutions, prove me wrong...

New year resolutions 10:

"I'm going to GET ORGANISED..."

Getting organised is another new year resolution

"The way to do things is to begin."
—Horace Greely


But first, here's links to 2 resources that can help you DO your resolutions this year (for a change)

  1. About self-sabotage - as that can be where the problem lies
  2. About reprogramming yourself using self-hypnosis


Top 10 New Year Resolutions - 10: Get Organised

Common new year resolutions - what YOU REALLY say...

Ha, ha, ha getting organised. So funny. (What a brilliantly vague common new year resolution!) Something to 'plan for' each year, no less! But in terms of DOING, and with this final nod in the direction of seasonal favourite the British Pantomime, I say this to you..."OH - NO - YOU'RE - NOT!..."

INSTEAD, you're going to do the following:

  1. You're going to read lots and lots and lots about goal setting. Smart goal setting, and even non-smart goal setting (hey, gotta check out all the options, right!). You will plan, plan, and plan... but you won't do, do, do. It will be more Plan—Re-plan—Check—Re-check—Plan-again...

  2. You're going to read lots and lots and lots about your life purpose - what it is, and all! Don't bother! Here's a clue to your life purpose: it ISN'T reading stuff on how to find your life purpose!

So, for one last time, I say hah! And I say prove me wrong, prove me wrong with the final of these common new year resolutions...


Yes, if you ARE serious - because this year, you are going to make good on those plans and it WILL be different (yeah, right!) - then can I politely suggest that you check out the following resources:

  1. Read about the issue of SMART Goal Setting.

    Why so? Well, because if you do that will prove to me that you're not reading this common new year resolutions page properly - scanning it, more like tch! - as reading about goal setting is exactly what you shouldn't be doing!...

  2. Consider this advice: IGNORE STEP A.

    Look, if you really are serious about making a plan for the new year, then why not share that plan here, publicly, so you're at least accountable for it: personal goal setting objectives.

    Otherwise re-read this free inspirational quote by Horace Greely:
    "The way to do things is to begin."

    None of this is rocket-science after all - none of these new year resolutions are that hard to achieve, IF you're committed to achieving them. It's just a matter of beginning...



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