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College at 52!

by Terrie Sanders Maccalus
(Bakers Mills, NY USA)

Terrie's inspirational story is ongoing. But she's finally started asking for what she's worth, from herself and from others around her, as you'll soon discover...

(STORY THEME: Self-Worth)

College at 52!


My name is Terrie Sanders Maccalus and I would like to share my college story with you. I'm 52, and while I'm only in my second class I am working like a fiend to do well. And so far, so good!

I am always trying to improve my life, now that I have come out of another depression. If I do not work on it all the time - this trying to improve - then I fall into depression, like the Spring just gone. You'd think it would be a winter depression, but this winter I spent with my new man and everything was cherries.

One of the things that bothers me most about my life is my lack of financial security and independence. I used to work on people's computers for money in New Jersey, but now that I am back home in the sticks (upstate New York) no one can really pay.

And my friends really had been taking advantage of my computer skills for free for too long.

So I took up a BA at an online and physical college. I am studying computer science and medical billing so that I can work from home. I have never been to college before, except for my General Educational Development (GED), decades ago.

Now I charge my friends for my services, too. And they've accepted that I won't do it for free anymore. No more back-breaking work all day on the computer for nothing.

Now if I could only get what I'm worth! I will!

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Jul 12, 2011
by: sandy

Good for you. I think charging them is fair. And in the meantime with all that there is online, it might be worthwhile to learn more about computers and doing business online. It sounds like you have the foundation for doing consumer research online. Keep track of what you're sharing with your friends and see if there is some way you can expand your ability to make money even more.

I worked in the disability area myself and I can tell you that when it comes to medical billing, please make sure you never "pay for a job" in this industry. There are a few scam artists. But, I think going to college and staying active is great.

Good luck. Sounds like you have a great future.

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