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1. Stop comparing yourself to others...

2. Get over it!

3. Accept yourself!

4. Keep a journal!

5. And set some goals.

Those are the improving self esteem tips of Mike Jennings (thanks, Mike).

Yep, that's how easy it is to build self esteem! (If only our parents would have told us how to build self esteem in the beginning. And if only their parents would have told them. Etc.)

Still, whatever your self-esteem levels, you can improve your self esteem here by understanding and embodying Mike's excellent, Five Tips To Help You Boost Your Self-Esteem wisdom.

Enjoy, and... Do let us know how you get on with developing self esteem



Building Self Esteem

What I say...

Having low self esteem is not fun! And I should know. But how easy is it to raise self esteem?

Well, Mike's article makes building self esteem straightforward with his wise words. Mike tells it how it is: we're all great human beings, with different strengths and different weaknesses. And even though we all know that, deep down, it's nice when someone like Mike comes along and reminds us gently of this truth. Thanks (again), Mike!

So I highly recommend that you read and absorb Mike's words in his building self esteem article, "Five Tips To Help You Boost Your Self-Esteem" - I know I will.

As to me, how have I gone about developing positive self esteem? Well...

  • Over the years I've read several self-help books to both understand myself and others

  • I've taken self-esteem tests in magazines - mostly out of curiosity, though, and

  • Simply speaking, I've tried to enjoy each and every day, as it comes; tried to add a bit of 'Oops, missus!' silliness into my life (somehow laughing at yourself helps! :-) )

I'm not sure if the above have worked completely in improving self esteem in me. But I am getting there and my self-respect has never been higher.

The most important thing I've done, when I really think about it, is not quitting!

For example, this website had 1000 unique visitors per day in January 2011, which grew to 3000 uniques/day in September and fell to 1000 in July 2013 - the highs and lows of running a website, of sharing your passion with the world!

But am I going to quit?

NO! I just have to improve each and every page of this website, one page at a time... (If you're at all interested in how I came to build this website in the first place, then please read my one page SBI! review here!)

Yes self-improvement in any area of your life is ALWAYS take it one step at a time...

How about you? How do you intend to put Mike Jennings' wisdom into practice? Do let us know (once you've watched the video, naturally!)

So, Mike Jennings and how to build self esteem - a one, two, three, four...



What Mike Jennings has to say...


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