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Breathing My Stress Out in Nature!

by Khalid Osman

Enjoy Khalid's natural solution to the stresses and strains of every day (in Khalid's case, politics is the cause). It's proof that 'inspirational stories' are waiting to happen anywhere we find ourselves. If we let them...

(STORY THEME: Peacefulness)

Politics makes me sometimes nervous and angry. So when I feel I'm getting into such an angry zone, I escape to nature where I can breathe fresh air, feel the lovely breeze on my face and sip new thoughts from the trees and open skies.

In this atmosphere - when I feel I would like to lay on the green and role from the tip of the high land down - I do just that, and enjoy myself rolling down the green grasses until I sit there on the spot I've reached and glow with pure love to the surrounding landscape.

I sometimes cry out loud, too! No, not like Tarzan, but in a way that lets me shout my stress out. It is then taken by the breeze and evaporates in the space with the dew that covers the leafage. Maybe, it drops in the thunder when it rains, so I hear it in the sound of thunder ;-) Have fun with this thought.


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Apr 06, 2010
Natural remedies! :-)
by: Steve

Thanks Khalid for reminding us all to take some time out every now and then and quite literally 'smell the roses'.

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