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And the winner of favourite self-help book is...

  • Well, that's up to you, isn't it - and I do hope you will share.

  • As for me, you will find a list of what I consider to be the best in terms of self help books and free self help ebooks - personal development books that work, at least for me!

  • There will be links to self help book reviews, too.

As well as recommended ways to find self help books. So let's get going shall we...



Self Help Books - The Answer Lies Within...

Best self help book - what I say...

I haven't read every self-help book ever written (thank goodness) but I have read some outstanding self-help books - many of which were life-changing. So the short list that follows is just my somewhat limited opinion of the best self help books out there.

Having said that, I have found all of the books listed below to be helpful, inspirational, motivational as well as transformational.

And it's the transformational element that I look for in a best self help book - something that's going to shift the way I look at life, the world and myself.

And, as you'll see in my list, sometimes these 'best books' are free self help books (free self help ebooks, to be precise) and sometimes I've ordered them from Amazon (Amazon UK in my case).

I've actually written my own ebook called, "The Top Relationship Questions... Answered!" It's an ebook that helps you find your own answers to do with any relationship problems you might be experiencing. Nice.


My #1 Self Help Book (so far)...

So, my all-time best self help book - well, that changes over time it really does. But I think right now - Jan 15th, 2012 - that my favourite self help book is...

This book is summed up by the following powerful inspirational quote: "Peace of mind comes from not wanting to change others"...

And these are the final words of this fantastic, humbling book: "Teach only love for that is what you are"



My Top 10 Self Help Books (so far)...

So without further ado, here's my list of best self help books, together with a corresponding self help book reviews link, so you can read exactly why I loved a particular book. In some particular order, those best books are:


More Books...

More self-help books that almost made my list in category best self help book:

  • When I Love Myself Enough by Kim McMillen and Alison McMillen

    This is not really a self-help book; instead, it's a beautiful insight into one woman's wisdom. Each page starts with the words, "When I love myself enough" and then Kim McMillen tells us, after years of the suffering that most of us have experienced, how she now has resolved to live life: wiser, and with more self-love.

    Sometimes self-help - helping yourself - comes from listening to how someone else has helped themselves. That's why this book is highly recommended reading. Really. Yes, it qualifes as a best self help book!

  • Alphatudes: The Alphabet of Gratitude by Michele Wahlder

    This is a delightfully positive, upbeat and oftentimes reflective little book that helps you deal with life with, dare I use the cliche, an attitude of gratitude.

    Michele goes through the alphabet - A for Acceptance, D for Dreams, Q for Quiet etc. - and offers us in each case a beautiful illustration, an 'inspirational quote', some thoughts on the subject and then a prayer too.

    It all adds up to an enjoyable read, that you can dip in and out of all of the time. A recommended read, for sure.

  • The 1% Solution For Work and Life by Tom Connellan
    This is a 'self help novel' that aims to show you "How to Make Your Next 30 Days The Best Ever" (the subtitle of the book).

    I enjoyed reading this book, despite not liking "self help novels" (most are VERY badly written, and padded out so as to not explain the point they're trying to make effectively). In this case, Tom's book is well-written and the key learning points - and there are many! - are often repeated.

    I've written down several steps I'm going to set about doing in 30 day periods thanks to reading this book. Recommended reading, for sure!

  • How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
    Title says it all, really.

  • The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham)
    Another book about the importance of what you think about.

  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
    This is a novel, but it contains a powerful self-help message nevertheless.

  • The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer
    Check out Oriah's poem of the same name here: The Invitation Poem



1. A self-help book is as good as the action it inspires you to take. Yep, as with all reading of an educational kind, you have to take action for the wisdom to be effective!

2. Just as important - don't get addicted to reading self-help! Remember, the answers lie within; these books just help you realise this... (So that means if you have read hundreds of inspirational self help books and self help ebooks, you might want to ask yourself exactly why that is!)



What Will Ferguson says (amusing)...

And now for a side-swipe at self help books. This time it's the notion of the best self help book - what if it truly existed, and was the best for everyone?

Happiness™ by Will Ferguson

"Live! Love! Learn!" that's what Tupak Soiree says in Will Ferguson's satire on self help books and the self-help industry. Yes, Happiness(TM) is not a self-help book; it's a fictional book about a self-help book that works (called What I Learned on the Mountain). It may well be the perfect antidote for those of you that are self-helped out!

HappinessSo Will's novel wonders what would actually happen if a self-help book worked, for everyone! I'm not sure I agree with his conclusions - the end of the world as we know it (or at least the end of the tobacco and alcohol and even the self-help industry) - but Happiness™ is certainly food for thought, and it's a great swipe at an ever-burgeoning industry: self-help. Yes, self-help is an industry, a business, and you and I are playing our part by being avid consumers of the product, the next big thing. It's good to remember that fact, and that...

"Self-help is the opium of our age" -- Will Ferguson

"It's only a book, Edwin. And happiness can't be found in books. Trust me, I know"


So if you're going to read about the best personal development books then please read Happiness™ too! After all, you really can't fault Will's faux self-help mantra can you: "Live! Love! Learn"?


Reviews of Self Help Books

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