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Benefits Of Lucid Dreaming...

by Cormac Reynolds
(London, UK)



5 Benefits Of Lucid Dreaming For People In Creative Industries

Lucid dreaming can be somewhat of an elusive topic; whilst many (who haven't experienced it) doubt just how much control one can have in one's dream, others may be sceptical about the benefits it can bring. In this guide we look at exactly what lucid dreaming is, and how it can help people in the creative industries at many levels.

What is lucid dreaming?

First and foremost let's clear up what lucid dreaming is, and what it is not. Lucid dreaming is, quite simply, where one is dreaming and they are aware of this fact. The misunderstanding often arises because of the varying nature of lucid dreaming. Whilst one person may be able to control their dreams, another may not. There are no hard and fast rules in relation to lucid dreams.

How can people in the creative industries benefit from lucid dreaming?

Benefit 1: Inspiration

Because of the vividness, and relatively unusual experience of lucid dreams, many a person can draw inspiration from simply having a lucid dream.

Benefit 2: Exploration of ideas

As mentioned above, some people are able to control their lucid dreams, which can leave them free to explore their dream world with any ideas and visions that are not possible in the waking world. In such an instance a person's creativity truly knows no bounds, as they are free to shape the world in which they live entirely.

Benefit 3: Overcoming work blocks through relaxation and fulfilment

Work blocks are common in many a creative worker's life, and can happen more often to some than others. Such situations can be infuriating, however this pent up anger will only serve to further any work block and make it last longer.

Lucid dreams are known to be extremely relaxing and fulfilling; and whilst there is no way to guarantee a lucid dream, there are steps you can take to encourage one.

Benefit 4: Better sleep; leaving your most rested for your waking hours

Additionally lucid dreaming provides a better, deeper level of sleep than the usual form of dreaming; couple this with the other positive outcomes and you will wake feeling relaxed, fulfilled and fully charged.

Benefit 5: Address your subconscious

Lucid dreaming is a well-known way to directly address your subconscious. This means that the dreamer directly asks to speak to their sub conscious representative, which may or may not appear. If it does, the person is then able to freely ask questions that may be of importance to them. Whilst there are mixed results as to how effective this is, and the learning outcomes are different from person to person, it may certainly be worth giving it a go.

Lucid dreaming can be fantastic for people within the creative industries and outside; it can provide relaxation, inspiration, overcome work blocks and allow a person to gain insight into themselves like never before. For the person that wishes to benefit from lucid dreaming, there are techniques that can be found online, that should be followed in order to invoke a night of lucid dreaming.

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