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Being Assertive To My Dominant Daughter.

by Christine Jackson
(Essex, England)

What assertiveness means to me is to speak up for your rights, to be able to give and take in simple terms.

To Listen to others points of view, contemplate and interpret before entering into conversation, with your point of view, looking at both sides of the coin.

Agreeing to Disagree whilst maintaining decorum calm and respect, if you cannot agree on a resolution.

Assertiveness also means to me to be respectful of my needs and wants as well as others.

Assertiveness means to me to be able to speak up for oneself, without the need to put another down or use aggressive or passive aggressive language.

In other words to be truthful to the point in a calm and collected way, and to ask for what you need, respectfully.

Assertiveness means to be respectful to yourself as well as to others.

My Assertiveness Example

My one Assertive moment was truly amazing and made me smile to myself.

My Daughter was being extremely bossy on the telephone to me. She was saying "You are never home, YOU SHOULD BE AT HOME WITH PAUL (who is my husband)NOT at KIMs" (my niece).

To which I replied in a calm controlled voice "AND WHERE ARE YOU CHERYLE?" SHE STOPPED DOMINATING, WENT QUIET, THEN LAUGHED, as she was staying with her friend at the time and her husband was left home alone.


It was truly amazing to be assertive, keeping calm and turn the tables without the need to be aggressive or submissive.

Comments for Being Assertive To My Dominant Daughter.

Jan 26, 2015
Insight Into Assertiveness
by: Steve

Loved what you share about assertiveness, Christine - all the many forms it has for you.

I also loved your example. To me, your daughter was feeling guilty about not being with her husband and projected that guilt onto you. And you, quite rightly, refused to accept it.


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