"Stories" from the Collective (YOU)

Astrid's Personal Life Goal

by Astrid Hardjana
(Brampton, ON, Canada)

I am a person who lives with Daily Epileptic Seizures that throw me to the ground. I was 11 years old when seizure entered my life and I was determined to never allow them to be the center or control of my life. Here is the list of Personal Life Goals that have helped me to live a full life:

1. To never lose my smile
2. To always keep trying and never give up
3. To encourage others to live life fully
4. To be a spreader of love and care

When things get tough, here are the words I use to keep going:

At times when things seem so distant
Confidence disappears in an instant
Questions begin to arise
Questions wondering why you're alive

Although you may not be a star
Always believe in who you are
For you are an original
And your life is continual

There's a reason why you were put here
Though it may not be how it appears
It's purpose will come at it's own time
And with you, it will align

Thanks for sharing your life goals, Astrid - very inspirational indeed.

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