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Assertive - With Love

by Cristina

I wasn't very assertive when growing up. I said Yes to everything I was asked to do even if I didn't really want to - I wanted to be accepted.

As I made my way through my twenties, I found that it was alright to help other people with whatever they asked from me, but that it was even better to take care of myself first. And that meant saying No some times.

At first I found it difficult, but I guess I have found a way by which it is easy for me to say No - be honest, be truthful to myself, and be loving.

Guess what, when you say No with honesty (sometimes you may explain your reasons behind it - say, you're tired, or you don't really have the time) people appreciate it much more than if you said Yes and then struggle to keep up to your word.

As everything, being assertive is easier the more you practise it!

Empowered Experience Coach

Comments for Assertive - With Love

Apr 26, 2010
Great way to do anything, really
by: Steve

I think your way of being assertive, with love, is really a great way to do anything in truth.

For if you speak with love in your heart then, whatever you say, will be heard as well as the other person is able.

And that's all anyone can do with communication, really, assertive or otherwise.

Thanks again - great insights!


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