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A's Low Self Esteem Signs

by A

My low self esteem signs include the following list of 'horrors':

  • Inability to express myself (fear of criticism, fear of failure)
  • I can't really be myself around other people
  • I compare myself to others all the time
  • I need to be perfect
  • I feel I'm an idiot for every single mistake I make (self-shame)
Wow, there are many symptoms of low self esteem here! :-(

A New Way of Seeing Self-Esteem?

Steve here, and for the last few years (since Oct 2012, actually) I've been seeing (and thinking about) low self-esteem in a different way. Not as a problem to fix, but as feedback to notice (and nothing more). That's right: nothing to fix, everything to notice. And all this became obvious to me after being introduced to the Three Principles behind life (in Oct 2012).

I created a free 1-page Self-Esteem Guide that explains more, anyway. You can read about it here (NO EMAIL REQUIRED) - SMNash.com/self-esteem-guide/

Thank you - Steve



Comments for A's Low Self Esteem Signs

Dec 16, 2010
self esteem
by: Kc

There's a lot of people out there in the world with some self-esteem issues, and it is something that needs addressing. Cheers.

May 10, 2010
Many symptoms indeed
by: Steve

Thanks for sharing your list of low self esteem signs, A!

And, yes, there are many issues here, indeed. It's important, though, to recognise where you're at for you to begin to question why this is so.

To me, a lot of these issues seem to be about needing approval from others. And we all probably know that we shouldn't need this approval - but yet we many times do.

So I shall just say thank you for sharing this list with us at Self Help Collective, and wish you well in changing how you view yourself and how you view life.

You have taken the first step here... :-)

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