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Aquil's Personal Life Goal

by Aquil
(Maryland, USA)

My main goal in life, the one thing that keeps me focused, is that I must continually improve myself in all aspects so that I may receive the reward of the next life.

This goal stays in front of me everyday, from the time I awake until I retire for the night.

I realize that this life is temporary and the relationships I make, what I do and say and even my thoughts reflect on me and the person I'm trying to become before my time is up.

As I know this life is only a testing ground to see whether I'm truly grateful to the One who created me, I'm constantly reminded that I must not become too attached with this existence, that I should instead be like a traveler or wayfarer, one who comes to an unknown town, takes some rest, then continues on his journey home.

This goal keeps everything in perspective for me and forces to be a better person.

Aquil wrote a personal goal, but I decided to add to this story section of the site...

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