"Stories" from the Collective (YOU)

Angry Over Lollipops

by Miss Time-bomb
(Carribbean )

My Disapearing Lollypops

It was 3 in the afternoon and I had just left the hospital where my mom was only just admitted for a diabetic condition. The entire family was worried and frustrated as she was rushed to the ER 12 hours earlier. My younger sister (who unlike me, lives with parents) was even more exhausted/stressed due to subsequent lack of sleep.

Before I left the hospital she had just arrived with necessary items for my mother. Some were from home but she also had to make a stop at the supermarket. Naturally she had quite a number of bags which put some amount of pressure on her small frame.

In all the mayhem she complained to me that upon picking the items at the supermarket for Mom, some items 'disappeared' from her bag which she had had to leave at the baggage counter.

These items included her cell phones, and a box of lollipops which someone had sent for my best friends little daughters.

Now I had promised these kids the lollipops for over a month and was tired of giving them an excuse everyday for not having them. I told the girls I finally got them and would deliver them that afternoon. They were so excited!. Oh did I tell you that I had to source them from over 200 miles away? Plus I had had to pay 3 times the price for them due to scarcity?

So here I was listening to my sisters dilemma of having her blackberry 'slipped' from her bag by the baggage clerk. (This story we concluded as the clerk denied taking the phone but immediately found it when my sister decided to ring it from her other cell phone... Hmmmmm!)

As I drove home I thought of the incident, and how they took advantage of my sisters vulnerability as she was too stressed out to raise an alarm and involve the manager.

The truth is even though they were only 12 lollipops I did not know how I was going to face the kids and disappoint them.

And the more I thought about it, the more my head spun. My pulse began to race as I felt my blood boiling through my veins. And the more I realised I could not go home - I had to go to the supermarket and I had to demand justice from the highest authority.

I had to make sure I teach that clerk a lesson for messing with my sister, the gifts for my little friends and worst of all for WASTING MY TIME!!!


I am a woman 5'5" of large frame, and a no-nonsense facial disposition. (There is also a vein that projects in my forehead when I'm mad) I am active and walk very briskly. Being a seasoned public speaker, singer and part time announcer I command attention when I speak.

Now imagine me tearing through a crowded supermarket at 50mph like a tropical cyclone demanding of staff that I see the manager.

Of course all of this was done in a respectful manner but I did not spare them the fact that I knew my rights as a consumer, and I was not in a forgiving mode.

I was sooo ANGRY with all my organs malfunctioning - I had a crawling sensation in my head, I was sweating, my fingers were cold, I could not even see clear.

The manager quickly ushered me to her office where all the parties involved met. The clerk, surprised that I would return for the "stupid lollipops" denied the felony I knew he was guilty of (the security camera would prove that the clerk was delinquent).

As such I demanded enough money to replace my gas, and purchase 5 times what I lost.

That clerk really learned a lesson as either way, she would have had to pay back.

Sadly, even though I calmed down after the reimbursement, my blood pressure was elevated for about two days. Had I not I not been healthy, I could have had a stroke that day because of stupid lollipops. But it was the principle that got me mad. whenever anyone hurts a loved one or tries to insult my intelligence I lose control.


Unfortunately, this was only th e last time I got sooo mad. Sometimes I can smash my cell phones whenever my boyfriend doesn't answer my call.

I'm REALLY tired of this behavior

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