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Angry Moment at Work

by Laura Green
(Chicago, IL., USA)

My Anger Management Movie Happened At Work

I was really angry with my co-worker for quite a while because he is such a bully towards us.

There was this one day at work when we had really just had it up to here with him.

We completely lost it with him and were all just screaming in front of our patients.

We ended up going to the administration office and receiving a verbal warning. It was the most disgusting, embarrassing moment of my life.

I would never let this happen again, though. I've found a way of dealing with anger. So now when I'm angry, meditation is my retreat, and it helps me a lot.


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Aug 01, 2012
by: Steve

The thing about embarassment is that you probably didn't stand up to this 'bully' in the first place out of fear of being embarassed:

* Either you're overreacting to a 'small situation', and he makes a 'fool' out of you

* Or you'd just rather avoid the conflict, and the truth of the matter that this man has 'got' to you.

But it cannot be avioded forever, and the worst case scenario you described often happens if you put things off like this.

And, of course, I speak from shameful experience...

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