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Angry at Walmart Customers

by Terrie Sanders
(Bakers Mills, NY USA)

I was a customer in walmart one day and I was squatting down on my knees trying to get something off a low shelf. A man came around the corner and hit me hard enough with his cart to knock the purse right off my shoulder.

I then tumbled all the way to the floor as he moved on.

I was so mad I was seeing red! I could feel my hair standing up. I was trying to be courteous and stay out of the way and that was what I got for it!

My husband was with me and (he's just a little guy) and he saw my face when I found my feet. He said "Oh no, Terrie don't do it!" But I did. I had to I was so angry.

So I went around the corner to find that man who knocked me over. I came up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder.

When I realized how high up I had to reach (he had to be 6'6" no kidding) I had a fleeting second of "Oh no what am I doing?" Still, when he turned around, I said "Hey, do you know you just knocked me right over back there!?" and I was steaming.

And he said "Oh I did? I'm so sorry.", in a gentlemanly giant kind of way. I said "yes you did!" and he apologized again. So I said "okay, no problem". I just wanted the apology. Though how he missed me I'll never know.

The moral of the story for me was that it was much better for me to have gone after him because I would have been mad for days if I hadn't confronted him.

My husband didn't like my tactics and I almost gave him a heart attack but it was worth it hee hee. The danger here was that he could have been really hostile and hurt me or my husband when confronted.

Comments? Was there a healthier way to handle anger that I can't think of? I just started a course in anger management - maybe they will have something I can share here.

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Jul 15, 2011
Did the right thing.
by: Larry

I think you, bravely, did the right thing.

There is the chance that he really was unaware of what he did, seems unlikely to me though.

I think he knew what he did, but was too embarrassed to apologize, so he thought if he quickly disappeared nothing would be said.

Good for you for getting that apology from him.

And good for him for , finally, apologizing.

Jul 12, 2011
Sounds fantastic to me
by: Sandy

I think what you did was great. Who knows this guy could have a seeing problem and not aware that he's been pushing people over all day?

I understand your husband's concern because now a days being proactive doesn't always turn out safe.

As far as Anger Management I don't see how you dealt with your feelings as an issue. Then again, perhaps in my world there are people who smile and laugh when they could have hurt themselves. (smile)

As far as the store. I'm not an ambulance chaser. But I understand that it is good to file a complaint with the store that an incident happened in the aisle. Because if within the statute of limitations you have to go to a doctor for health related issues then the store should have it on record.

This doesn't mean you have to seek damages from the store. But from what I know of disability and injuries, it is protocol to get this on record. The reasoning in some states is that if much later an injury occurs and you reference the complications with this fall, then there is a written record for all parties concerned.

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