Can These Anger Management Resources Help YOU?

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Are you looking for some helpful anger management resources to help soothe your anger?

...Or to soothe someone else's anger?

Well, I do hope so, as that is what this anger page is all about.

  • You'll find information about anger management groups, courses and even some anger management activities you can start today to help reduce and control your anger.

  • This is not a definitive resource, but you will find links to very helpful anger management websites, and to anger management articles too.

I'll get right into it, then...



Anger Management Resources

Anger management groups - what I say

Anger management support groups are one of the most important anger resources.

Unfortunately I have little experience of this anger management resource. My first experience of an anger management group was - I hate to admit this - from watching Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler in that Anger Management Movie. (The YouTube clips on that page are illuminating, whilst also funny.)

So, for now, all I can suggest you do is visit a website called Anger Management Groups to learn more (

What YouTube says...

Well, not surprisingly, YouTube is a great resource of anger management (as well, I'm sure, of anger mis-management - ahem!). And sometimes pictures speak louder than words, so it's worth checking YouTube out, I'd say.

For example, below is a LONG video about managing your anger using the Emotional Freedom Technique (called Anger Management with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)). Why not give it a try!

Note: the video last for over 30 minutes.




Anger management activities - what I say

Here are a list of anger management activities. Some of these activities may seem obvious, and some may not. Irrespective, I suggest you try each one out and see what difference, if any, it makes:

  • Exercise - This can boost your mood and reduce negativity, plus exercise is good for you. I suggest good ol' fashioned walking. It costs nothing, and you can do it more or less anywhere. But you'll know best about this...

  • Join a support group - See above

  • Reprogram your mind - Regular self-hypnosis sessions can help you understand (and control) your anger trances; self-hypnosis helps you control your anger

  • Listen to loud music - Sounds like it might make your anger worse, but listening to your favourite music (loud) can act as a release

  • Make a list of your 'triggers' - Understanding what gets you angry can help you not get angry the next time

There are more activities, but this is just a starter.

Please note: I am not a Doctor! Please consult one, should there be any doubt at all that you can do any of the activities mentioned above. I offer the above for information only, based on anger managment resources I researched for this page. Phew!



Anger management articles - what I say

There are no shortage of anger mangement articles out there on the web. And I could joke that so many anger management resources/articles could make one angry. But once you know where to look for your articles - human-reviewed directories that put an emphasis on quality, or definitive anger management resources - then the place to look for your articles become much less stressful. Which is good.

And that's what I've done for you, below. You'll find two definitive resources for anger management articles:

    Human-edited article directory, category: anger management

  2.'s Anger articles
    The #1 self-improvement site on the internet. Apparently.


REMINDER: effective anger managment CAN come via reprogramming your thoughts, your reactions, via regular sessions of self-hypnosis. Hypnosis Downloads' "control your anger" hypnosis session is recommended

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