"Stories" from the Collective (YOU)

Anger (and Fear) as Energy

by Kyla Blairs

Something I have learnt, is that energy called fear - just like nature - cannot be controlled. Though when we stop and observe the energy and be a witness to it, it is no longer disempowering. It is purely energy moving through and it seems to move through much faster with less destruction. It rises and then disappears.

Alot like anger. Anger is potentially a beautiful energy as is all energy! Again we tend to fear anger getting out of control, so we try to control it and often push it down. The longer term problem with that is it the energy can potentially become trapped in the body causing physical problems, especially around the liver, spleen and digestive system.

Again I have had personal experience with the effects of suppressing anger and being very controlled with it, which truly impacted on this body. Energy, as we know, is always moving, so when we are not allowing any emotions to move through, they can begin to eat away at us and create problems inside the body.


Kyla shared her thoughts with me, re anger, via a couple of emails. I asked her if I could share her insights here on the site, and she agreed (obviously! ;-)). Kyla's second email can be read here!

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