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Alin's Self Confidence Story

by Alin

Alin's inspirational story is about building confidence by taking action. And the action you take doesn't necessarily have to lead to success, just as long as it leads to taking better action the next time...

(STORY THEME: Self-confidence)

Hi everyone

This is the story of my self-confidence going from 0 to a lot better than average in just a few years..

I am 21 and with just a few years back, at about 15-16 I used to be the shyest kid in school. I got bullied nearly every day and I couldn't talk to 2 girls at the same time. I think all of this happened mainly because I spent the previous couple of years playing computer games 24/7.

Today I'm not doing so bad. I work in sales in Romania. I came back a few month's ago from England where I spent my last 2 years working and studying. I still don't have a girlfriend but that's ok, I'm just between relationships. And I'm planning to go back to UK just because I love the people over there.

Anyway the thing that made a difference for me was that I was involved for a few years with a multi level marketing business.

To cut the long story short that MLM business had a training program behind it. Training program that I loved, that I hanged on for the next 2-3 years, spend all my money and vacations on seminars abroad, spend weekends reading books and listening to tapes and so on.

In the end I didn't made a lot of money with that business, but it raised my self confidence, gave me hope, dreams.

Now ... this training program (that more or less changed my life) is exactly what Steve promotes on this website.

Goal setting, passion, personal development, self improvement, anger management are the subjects that I loved for a couple of years.

I enjoyed every page of Steve's website - it brings back memories - and I think he is doing a great job with the website, promoting values and caring about people.


(link no longer works! - Steve)

Thanks, Alin, for your kind words about the Self Help Collective website. :-) It's great that you recognise the importance of taking action to build confidence.

Re the MLM business I promote. Do you mean SBI!? Because it's NOT MLM - far from it! But it is empowering, you're right...

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Jun 26, 2011
My Comments
by: Anonymous

I learn much from your story.
I also like to know other stories like this.
Who can offer me this kind of stories? The more, the better.
Or who can provide me with some websites where this kind of stories can be found?


May 31, 2011
My story
by: Alin

the MLM is Amway

Ah, thanks Alin. Happy to put a link to your SBI! link here - to help you spread the word! :-)

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