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21st Century Jedi

by Dr. Damon Sprock
(Temecula, CA, USA)


Human beings rarely realize that they are always in the right position in life; people are too busy focusing on their desires and when those desires are not manifesting according to their beliefs, thoughts and emotions can lead individuals in the wrong direction.

Since I was five years old, my desire was to become a professional athlete. I won many awards in baseball, football, track and basketball. I received a football scholarship to Purdue University in 1962 and thought I was well on my way to my dream. However, the universe had other plans, a collective plan that would eventually include the entire world.

During my sophomore year at Purdue, I sustained a back injury that would require surgery and thus end my athletic career. After a psychologist diagnosed me with "occupational shock," I had to reinvent myself. Where was I supposed to begin? I lost my scholarship and had to pay for the remainder of my education. After combining night classes and full-time work, I finally managed to succeed and graduate in 1969.

Upon graduation, I traveled to San Francisco, where I had the fortune to meet the late Alan Watts, internationally renowned philosopher. It was Alan who initiated my path to higher consciousness when he became my mentor and instructed me to follow the field of metaphysics.

The last forty years have been devoted to scientific research in the area of human consciousness and spirituality. The timing of the universe has been in perfect harmony with everything in my life, even though it would have been impossible to have me believe such a thing in 1964. As a result of my path to this point, intentionality guided me to reveal scientific, quantum evidence of how God consciousness is connected to human consciousness via the subconscious mind hologram. At last I realized my destiny in the order of the universe.

Every movement needs a cornerstone to base its philosophy. Consciousness and Spirituality now has an origin based not only with philosophy but with new, scientific evidence. This groundbreaking discovery is giving humanity a new paradigm, establishing validity to all existing consciousness/spiritual beliefs.

Dr. Damon Sprock
Author of 21st Century Jedi: Spiritual Athletes on the Cosmic Chessboard

I include a video of Alan Watts sharing his 'philosophical beliefs' (about yoga, amongst other things) to further illuminate what Dr Damon Sprock has shared here...

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Feb 06, 2012
Thank you
by: Sandy

Thank you for this video. And thank you for the post. It is inspirational to hear that turning to the philosophical self help connection was helpful to you. It certainly has been for me also. I think when self help, psychology is removed from the underlying philosophical connections, you are left with little to stabilize your realizations.

Best wishes on your journey.

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