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121 Things That Make Me Happy!

by Vikki Davey


Like Steve, I'm nursing a broken heart. After 6 years my relationship with a "beautiful, sexy, funny, talented and intelligent" man has ended.

Despite him being those things we had many problems: unemployment, and a chronic health problem... to name a few major ones.

So what makes me happy is a very appropriate and relevant question to ask myself at this time when I am feeling angry, sad, disappointed and confused!

My Happiness List

1. Walking and exercising,

2. Singing, hopefully in tune, in the shower and at community singing - as often as I can, sometimes 4 times a week!

3. Eating the sweet things on toast too, or frozen fruit with yoghurt for a healthy choice.

4. Visiting a friend, talking to a friend on the phone.

5. Watching and sharing MOVIES. Lately I have gone for the true-life stories. It certainly makes my problems seem small. I find I can learn and be inspired by how others have faced hardships, challenges and the ups and downs of life and love.

5. Writing protest/activist songs about what I am learning through these films. My latest is to raise awareness of the stoning of women! I'm really hoping I can do something worthwhile via music, even though I am a complete amateur. I get "happiness" in trying! And my ex is a musician so, "if he can do it ,so can I" :)) Ha

6. Drawing, and turning my artwork into gift cards. (Also thinking of using that as another way to raise awareness of human rights.)

7. Making ear-rings from old jewellery

8. Eating chocolate (in moderation!!)

9. Praying. (I'm not really religious but like to respect the force that has created us.)

10. Meditating

11. Stretching
12. Managing my pain so I can do all the above things and enjoy them!
13. Dreaming of being able to help others more
14. Enjoying nature and my garden
15. Loving and helping animals
16. And probably this would be at the top if he was around...loving my boyfriend!!
17. And this one is also belonging right up there as number one, caring about my daughter!
18. Planning to try and get out and be sociable despite my pain condition.
19. Relating to people in a genuine and caring way.. connecting.
20. Knowing that others DO CARE, even if they seem too busy to actually visit me!

21. Photos of loved ones
22. Warm sunny days, and sitting on my verandah enjoying it
23. Swimming, especially in a mountain stream (which really doesn't happen but I can remember that was a great pleasure in my life!)
24. Camping (also doesn't happen)
25. The blue mountains!
26. The ocean
27. Feeling a part of humanity; being able to be around people, as being unwell can be isolating
28. Painting (another one that isn't really happening but can plan and dream)
29. Shopping (when I can afford to!)
30. LEARNING..about many things like the world/nature/people - just love to learn.

31. Learning a language
32. Being generous, sharing
33. Feeling appreciated
34. Learning about Buddhism and enlightenment
35. Reconnecting with myself and inner peace :)
36. Being able to rise above fears and doubts and feel strong
37. Not giving up
38. Indulging /and also resisting
39. Accepting

40. Having a vision to work towards
41. Seeing the magic in THIS moment NOW.
42. Understanding WHY
43. Not always needing to understand WHY!!
44. Respecting others and their freedom to choose.
45. My work, when I can make
it due to my condition.
46. The children I work with and my work mates.
47. Travelling (doesn't happen either, but I would like to!)
48. Appreciating and caring for others
49. Honouring life
50. Being able to dream

51. Living in peace, free of war
52. Being able to trust people
53. Feeling secure and safe
54. Putting myself first sometimes!!... as well as putting others first. Taking care of myself and others.
55. Having faith that all will be well
56. Trying to think of 100 things that make me happy.
57. Memories
58. Turning trash into treasure
59. Being creative; getting the creative juices flowing and believing we can all make a difference in this world. Even if I am disabled physically I can use my mind and creativity to reach out.
60. Having new ideas

61. Human expression
62. Art
63. Dance/drama/acting
64. Strength
65. Physical fitness
66. Vulnerability
67. Truth
69. Honesty
70. Supportive friends
71. Having a good laugh, making others laugh
72. Humour
73. Silliness - seeing the funny side of things
74. The absolutely ridiculous
75. Craziness, in a good way

76. Uninhibited open and fearless activities
77. Taking risks - the anticipation and excitement
78. Having courage to try new things
79. Speaking up, for myself and others
78. Being real
79. op shopping, recycling
80. Letting go
81. Holding on
82. Knowing when to let go, and when to hold on!
84. Being able to help and support my daughter
85. Old friends
86. New friends
87. Surviving hardship
88. Thriving......despite hardship
89. Believing in the good in people
90. Not being taken for a ride...ha ha

91. Recognising when someone is taking you for a ride
92. Learning from mistakes
93. Letting go of people who wish you harm
94. Getting my priorities straight
95. Putting energy into something good
96. Saying no to negativity and depression
97. Forgiving myself
98. Forgiving others
99. Having hope, looking forward to something special
100. Making it to 100 things that make me happy. :)) !!
101. Getting motivated
102. Being pain free! That's a huge one for me - I love it when I don't have pain!
103. Relaxing
104. Making LOVE!! :))
105. Winning....won an art/logo competition once...

106. Dreaming of winning the lottery and what I would do (like steve)
107. Thinking of the people I'd share the winnings with, and how happy they would also be. :))
108. Finding a website like this that has encouraged me to think... "What does make me happy?", and actually write them down.
110. My parents
111. My family
112. Babies
113. Seeing documentaries of all the good things that people are doing to help the world/nature/people/animals and the planet.
114. Growing my own food when I can.
115. Preparing yummy healthy food and sharing it.
116. Organic veggies!! and fruit
117. Yoga
118. Remembering how yoga made me feel (as I struggle to do it now with my condition) and dreaming of regaining strength and flexibility
119. Working towards a goal
120. Nice surprises
121. Being thankful for life and living :))


Phew, Vikki, that's a lot of happiness you got going for you. Sorry to hear about the pain (and the boyfriend), but happy to hear that this website has helped. And I'm glad you like surprises, Vikkie I've just sent you one by email! ;-)

NOTE: the broken-heart referred to by Vikki occurred in June 2008. Thankfully, the heart heals - it just takes time!

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