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Hey, we do NOT believe in gurus, here:  we...  believe...  in YOU!

We believe that YOU are your own guru, actually; believe that you should learn from others, but teach yourself! And to help you do this – help you trust in yourself – I've put together this website, this collective wisdom of many:


Strength, Clarity, Ease - All Come From Understanding

So I have a surprise for you - 3 surprising FACTS, actually:

  1. Nothing is ever "WRONG" with you, ever!

  2. You just think that it is, sometimes (and then you try to 'fix' yourself)

  3. But when you're not over-thinking, over-analysing, and over-relying on who you think you are ("Hello EGO!"), then you relax into Who You Actually Are, and you see/feel for yourself quite clearly, that... - see 1.

And knowing the truth of these facts - no matter how temporarily - IS the start of real, transformative understanding...

Whether you see the 'truth' of these facts right now, whether you understand, doesn't matter
. You're here, on a guru-free self-help site, that advocates the wisdom of "looking within". That's no accident. I'll leave it at that, for now, and usher you along to these favourite pages:

Whilst gently making you aware that I now share what's known as the Inside-Out Understanding at my blog, for those interested in transcending self-help altogether...


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Find out more about my daily quotes book here...



INSPIRE YOURSELF - what 'inspirational stuff' says...

Whether you're feeling good or bad about yourself right now, inspirational stuff like inspirational quotes, inspirational poems and inspirational videos CAN make a difference to your life NOW! (Laughing and smiling helps can too! Seriously!)

Inspirational quotes like the ones contained in this video, for example:


Steve M Nash image (c) 2013Thank you for visiting my Guru-free Self Help Collective.

Honestly, though, I'm less of a fan of self-help than I used to be. I came across something known as the Inside-Out understanding (in Oct 2012) and now self-help feels like stale advice that misses a most vital point. And I talk much more about this at

Still, thank you


PS And if you're a fan of inspirational quotes (and the inspiring answers that can come from within, by reading them) then I can highly recommend this to you: a weekly inspirational quotes newsletter - the newsletter that inspired the book above, no less...

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