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YOUR Story
Competition (2012)...

Home >> Your Story >> 2012 Competition

Inspiration often comes from sharing...
  • Share your story, below - tell us about a 'struggle', a 'success'
  • Get a chance to win one of several inspirational prizes.

IMPORTANT - this competition is NOW over!

If you'd like to share your story, you can do so here...

Share Your Story & Win (2012)

Your story - what YOU have to say...





There were not enough entries for any winners to qualify for any of the prizes - there were less than 10 entries. (See rules below.)

However, as a gesture of goodwill, I'm going to be contact ALL those whose stories were accepted and offer them a USD$20 or GBP£20 Amazon gift voucher...

(And you can find the submitted entries here:

My Journey Back to Confidence

My Fear of Self Story

My Nightmare

Self-confidence Through Recovery

Procrastination Has a Silver Lining

Inspiration From Bereavement

Bad Luck and Me

Murderous Eage or Natural Instinct

Alone I Sat


Again, the competition is now over - thank you.

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Story Competition RULES

  1. Competition is open to everyone.
  2. Multiple entries are allowed
  3. Each entry must be original and not appear anywhere else online
  4. Each entry must follow a theme of Anger, Happiness, Assertiveness, Overcoming Fear, Procrastination or Gaining Self-Confidence
  5. Entries must be at least 300 characters long
  6. Entries that do not follow the rules outlined above will be disqualified
  7. There must be at least 30 valid story submissions, otherwise competition may be declared null and void. (I might still dish out prizes anyway!)
  8. Closing date for entries is midnight on the last day of December 2012.
  9. The winners will be chosen by me, Steve M Nash.
  10. The judges decision is final - no discussions will be entered into.
  11. Winners will be contacted via email address provided by entrant
  12. The competition will run from Oct 1st, 2012 to Dec 31st, 2012
  13. There are no cash alternatives to the prizes on offer, other than those stated as prizes
  14. The winners names may be published on the website and may be used for promotional purposes.
  15. Self Help Collective is compliant with the data protection act. Our policy is such that we will not pass on your details to any third party without your prior consent
  16. Competition entry indicates your acceptance of these conditions

(I know! These rules are boring, but I have to put them here! And there has to be sufficient no. of stories submitted to make this competition worthwhile to all - see rule 7.)

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Story Competition PRIZES

1x 1st prize is a choice of the following:

  • 1 year's subscription to internet business-building software service called SBI! (value $299) - "self-improvement in action"
  • 1 copy of The Sedona Method sent to you by post (value$388)
  • US$150 in Amazon vouchers

1x 2nd prize is a choice of the following:

  • 1 * 10-step hypnotherapy course as developed by Hypnosis Downloads (value $97)
  • US$50 in Amazon vouchers

2x 3rd prize of a choice of the following

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Prize Notes:

1. SBI! Subscription costs US$299 per year, you'll get your first year free

I believe SBI! is self-improvement in action, as it challenges you to get out of your comfort zone, to commit to long-term success, to constantly evolve and develop, as you develop skills to run your very own internet business (based on your passion or hobby). You need no experience, either, just the Brain Attitude and Motivation to follow step-by-step instructions from the time-tested proven process you'll find in the SBI! Action Guide. ( was conceived and created using SBI! (and me!))

Anyway, enough spiel, check out this SBI! video tour if you're at all interested in what SBI! can do you for you.

There is no need for self-help if you're at peace with yourself and your thoughts, and that's my experience of what The Sedona Method can give you. Learn more here...

3. Self hypnosis
is a powerful way to reprogram your thoughts, and thus to change your life. The 10-step courses offered by Hypnosis Downloads currently cover the following topics: insecurity in relationships, powerful public speaking, overcoming negativity, and more...

As puts it, "Taking one of our 10-step hypnosis courses is a serious commitment, but one which will make a serious difference in your life."

Check out these links to find out more:
- how does self-hypnosis work

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NOTE: this competition is OVER! (Please see above.)


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Your Story Competition 2012

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