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My Low Self Esteem Signs

by Anon

My low self-esteem comes from a poor body-image...

I definitely believe that I have low self esteem though it took me the longest time to admit it especially to myself.

I notice that I am often in a terrible mood, depressed, hopelessly making goals (usually weight related) that I will never attain because my body structure simply will not allow it: I'm not a tiny waif, I'm taller and I have larger bone structure but like every other girl who reads magazines or watches TV I want to look like the gorgeous thin models I'm bombarded with everyday.

And because I cannot look like one of these gorgeous thin models I don't like myself.

Body image and self image are topics covered at SelfHelpCollective.com. I also firmly believe that the prevalence of the distorted media Anon refers to, especially when it comes to body shape (mainly women's, but also men's), causes so much 'pain' and disaffection amongst people, it really does.

And the truth is, no matter how laughable and idealistic this might sound, ALL of our bodies - fat and thin - are wonders to behold, a miracle of "God"'s making! And we should NEVER COMPARE OURSELVES TO OTHERS!

Thank you for sharing what I'm sure is a common problem, especially amongst women...

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