"Stories" from the Collective (YOU)

My Low Self Esteem Signs

by Anon

My list of low self esteem signs looks like this:

- I constantly compare myself to others

- I always believe I make the wrong decisions

- I feel stressed talking to others believing they will see something wrong with me or they won't like me (y throat tenses and I become aware of my own voice)

- When someone walks past in the street and laughs I believe they are laughing at me

- I worry about people seeing me make mistakes

- I am very suspicious when people say nice things to me

- I believe my girlfriend is lying when she says she loves me (or I find fault with it)

- I try to be a nice person to improve myself and offset other flaws

- I always criticise myself and others

- Feel like I am going mad and am disconnected from my feelings

- I even can't see why my pets like me

I'm very confused.

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