"Stories" from the Collective (YOU)

My Low Self Esteem Signs

. i don't expect anyone to stay in my life
. i feel i am a failure
. i was a burden to my dad, my ex & now to my current boyfriend
. i know all about self-sabotage, yet continue to do it
. i have an addictive personality
. i've been diagnosed w/depression & an anxiety disorder
. i'm impatient
. i'm easily irritated
. i have a never-ending guilt
. i do negative self-talk (i literally tell myself to shut up)
. i'm overly sensitive
. i feel walked on, >>>ignored<<< and disrespected almost daily
. i'm a perfectionist - expect too much from myself & others
. i'm very easily discouraged
. i daily ruminate over the past & failed attempts at letting go
. i have many resentments
. i feel it's too late for me to amount to anything

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