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My Debt Story

by Addie

Debt..My Life..My Goal..My Motivation...

One major area covers my life, that of debt!

When I was 20, I made 100k and then incurred a debt of another 50k in my first business.

When I was 25, I added to my debt another 50k, making it 200k.

When I was 30, I managed to clear 100k, to leave just 100k debt.

By 35, I managed to bring down my debt to 20k.

By 37 I cleared all of my debt, and started to venture into property.

At 37, I made a mistake in my business and incurred another 150k losses, making my net worth -150k. And no banks want to talk to me.

At 39, I clear all my debt again and start to make some profit, but soon I find myself in another 40k debt.

Now at 40, I am jobless, have no business and a debt of 40k.

My credit card and credit line are all max and I need to pay an interest of nearly 1,7k every month. and I only have 1k (1000) in my bank account.

But you know what? I am not going to give up. I remain fighting, setting my goals.

By June next year, I want to clear all of my 40k, and by the age of 42 I am going to set my first business empire rising.

Good luck to me, and I hope that all people in debt never give up hope.


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