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You Are All You Need, Quotes Ebook
-- Bonus for Buying Guy Finley's Book

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Congratulations for buying Guy Finley's book called The Courage to Be Free . I'm sure you will enjoy reading this book as much as I will.

And thank you for wanting to download "YOU Are All You Need" - my inspirational quotes ebook.

Yes, as part of your purchase, you can now download (for free) my own 22-page inspirational quotes ebook called "YOU Are All You Need!" -- download instructions are below.

Note: no email address details are required - just right-click, and save! :-)

Thanks again,
Steve M Nash

PS I'd love to hear your feedback on "YOU Are All You Need" - just send me an email to...

please whitelist steve hat self help collective dot com - thanks


"YOU Are All You Need" Bonus Quotes Ebook

Guy Finley's The Courage to Be Free - inspirational quotes bonus ebook from Steve M Nash...


"You Are All You Need"
by Steve M Nash (that's me :-) )

My favourite inspirational quotes, with my not-too-serious interpretation of their meaning.

A fun read that hopefully still inspires. 22 pages.

Download it here!
(Right-click, Save As)

Ebook in PDF format

Download this ebook (right click, save as)


And for anyone still reading...

And if you are at all curious about the Self Help Collective website - a guru-free place to help yourself, and help others too! - then why not check out the following links below (including my favourite pages on this website).

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  • My Story -- My own self-help story. I'm not a 'success', but I'm getting there! ;-)

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My Favourite Pages on

Self Help Collective - what I say...

There are some simply fabulous self-help articles on this website. I didn't write them so it's okay for me to say this (well, I wrote one of them!). Below, I've included 7 of my favourite self help pages - visit one of them, and let me know what you think, eh!

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Or you could just check out one of these inspirational videos and poems !


OR... or you might be interested in the personal growth tools I recommend...

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Please do get in touch with your thoughts on this website. Let us know what page you were trying to find, eh, or just contact us - it makes our (my) day! Thanks.

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