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Are These Your
Body Image Issues?...

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"Do I look fat in this?"

Hmm, that would be funny question if this wasn't a serious topic impacting more or less all of us right now, in particular women and girls. So...

  • You'll find some interesting YouTube videos on this self-image page,
  • Discover a link to a great article on the subject by Elsabe Smit, and
  • Read my own thoughts too (on Elsabe's wisdom, and on my own experiences with this topic - yes, I as a young man suffered from many aspects of being dissatisfied with my body).

Whatever your views, and whatever your thoughts on your own self image, I'm sure you'll find some stimulating and thought-provoking words (or images) below. Enjoy!...


Body Image

What I say...

Despite disliking my body when I was younger - as you'll read about on this self-image page - I'm actually one of the few people I know who now loves their body. It's true. I like my body - all of it! And I wouldn't want to change anything about it.

Okay, it might be nice if...

  • I was a few inches taller - then I could call myself a six-footer, and I wouldn't have to emphasise the half inch so much when I tell people that I'm 5 foot 10 and a half inches tall.

  • I was less wrinkled, of course, meaning I wish I was younger (but then who, but the young, doesn't?)

Okay, I'm fit and healthy and (some say) reasonably attractive so maybe it's easy for me to have a positive self image. No! That's not how it works! Anyone can have a positive body image (I believe) just as long as they do everything they can to take care of their body first, and then accept (even love) their body for everything that it is and isn't.

It all begins with reprogramming the mind to reveal your perfect body. (Note: offers professional self-hypnosis solutions.)

Anyway, I'm proud that I have a healthy self image. (Hey, it's one of the few aspects of self-help that I do well in, believe me!) But How about you? How's your body image? Do let me know!

Before that though, it's Elsabe Smit's turn...


What Elsabe Smit has to say...

"Why do we always wait for a health crisis before we really notice how our bodies reflect the status of our souls?"
-- Elsabe Smit

As you'll see, Elsabe takes a more spiritual look at why people generally have such low regard for their own body. And, if you think about it, I think Elsabe has a point. I mean just how 'perfect 10' does your body have to be before you can love it and then be proud of it?

In fact, Elsabe believes that, "Our bodies are a reflection of our spirits." She believes that we mistakenly think of ourselves as our bodies instead of recognising the fact that our bodies are "merely a vehicle for us to use in this existence...". It's all good stuff, Elsabe. Thanks for sharing...

Read the rest of Elsabe's wisdom at her My Purple Blog...


What YouTube says...

This is a video that discusses the media effects on body image...


And, just in case you're wondering, men are affected by these pressures too...

NOTE: Again, self-hypnosis can offer a way for you to be happier with your body - it simply reprograms the way you think about your body.

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