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Addicted to Problems? There's a Solution

by Sandra
(Washington, USA)

Sandra's story is an honest, insightful look into her past, into a life that looked good on the surface, but was rotten on the insides. And it's about the transformation that occurred from simply daring to buy and read a book...

(Story theme: Self-sabotage.)

I read the story written by Melissa where she referred to how much the book "The Evolutionary Glitch" helped her overcome her hurdles in life. Having read "The Evolutionary Glitch" myself, I was inspired to tell my story as well since I too used this inspirational book to overcome my own 'life problems'.

A couple years ago, I was an addict. I was addicted to problems, to bad choices in men, to poor work habits and worse health habits. My life seemed to be fine to others on the outside for I always kept a happy face, seemed to know everyone, and was always on the go with adventures and exciting moments. However, I always felt there was something wrong, something missing.

I would come home after a day's work to an empty apartment and sit in front of the TV devouring the exciting lives of others. Occasionally I had a romantic relationship, but it always seemed like I chose the wrong person for it ended up poorly, with drama the whole way through. I compensated for my inner emptiness by going to clubs, bars, and social events but always knew that my rapport with others was superficial.

One day, as I was blogging online, I came across a review of The Evolutionary Glitch: Rise Above the Root of Your Problems, by Albert Garoli. I was compelled to order the book despite knowing little about it and I'm very glad I did! Having read the book, I came to understand that my inner unhappiness came from my dissatisfaction with my life for I was stagnant. Nothing I was doing would bring me forward. It had been years that I had been in the same job, looking for the right partner, and complaining about my situation without actually doing anything about it.

Going through the Alchemic Exercises of the book I found myself face to face with all those moments in my life that had significant effects on which path I would take but had been forgotten. These were either traumas, embarrassing moments, episodes of feeling rejected or undervalued, and self-sabotages. I had them all and had forgotten them all yet they didn't forget me. Only by going through these emotional blockages was I able to release the hold they had on me subconsciously and thus rise above them.

I am now a successful and financially stable career woman after having quit my job and going into a business of my own. I'm also in a very loving and supportive relationship with the man of my dreams whom I met by "following the signs" as Garoli suggested, and I am feeling better than ever!

It took me just over a year to reach this point and can only thank Garoli and "The Evolutionary Glitch" for helping me get here. I know my path in life is far from over yet now I walk along that path with joy, enthusiasm and energy!

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Feb 23, 2010
Inspirational Stuff
by: Steve

Thank you for sharing your inspirational story.

And for the source of your inspiration that I've taken the liberty of including.

I think, in one way or another, that most of us have been (or are still) there. It's inspirational to see that there is a way out of our fears and our self-sabotaging behaviour.

Great stuff, Sandra

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