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"Learn by teaching", they say, and
that's what I've been doing here
since creating this site in 2008...

And it's all thanks to SBI!...

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Find YOUR Strength
Using our Collective Wisdom!

Help Yourself Here – Then Get Involved & Help Others Too!

Hey, we do NOT believe in gurus, here:  we...  believe...  in YOU!

We believe that YOU are your own guru, actually; believe that you should learn from others, but teach yourself! And to help you do this – help you trust in yourself – I've put together this website, this collective wisdom of many:

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Self Help Collective at a Glance...

HOW TO HELP YOURSELF, inspire yourself, then help others too...

Well, these are the main self-help themes you'll find being discussed at the Self Help Collective website - as edited by me, Steve M Nash:


Anger Management

Communication Skills


Goal Setting
Personal Development
Positive Attitude
Self Confidence
Self Esteem
Self Help

And not forgetting...

Self Improvement
Your Story Personal Development
Positive Attitude
This space left blank!


Not doing it for you?

These 8 answers might help you...

...Because YOU know more than you think, yes you do... we ALL do!

In fact, I believe that YOU are all you need! That's why, once you've helped yourself here, you're encouraged to get involved and help others, too!


INSPIRE YOURSELF - what 'inspirational stuff' says...

Whether you're feeling good or bad about yourself right now, inspirational stuff like inspirational quotes, inspirational poems and inspirational videos CAN make a difference to your life NOW! (Laughing and smiling helps can too! Seriously!)

Inspirational quotes like the ones contained in this video, for example (there are 6 different videos with 6 different quotes - refresh page for a new one):


HELP OTHERS - what YOU say ('Get Involved!')...

The Self Help Collective website will only really work IF you get involved too. So get involved today - please! - by sharing your views on personal development, self improvement or even the free inspirational quotes you find here! And you can do that when you:

  1. Contact us - let us know what you think of this website. Tell us that you like (or dislike) about the self-help information here, or that you know better! Tell us anything. (Well, almost anything! ;-) )

  2. Telling us about you - share your story

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Self help is a great way to make improvements to your life, it really is. Until it isn't. Until you realise that, honestly!, there's nothing actually wrong with you. Truly! And if you're at all curious about what I'm talking about here...

Visit my SMNash.com transformative coaching website


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Site Highlights...

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."
-- Alvin Toffler

Start here...

1. Understand Fear
2. How to Be Happy
3. Recommended Tools

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